Friday, 23 June 2017

Refund in GST

After a period of ten years, India is going to implement the Goods and Services Tax from July-1, GST will help to remove tax barriers between states, creating a single market. GST would enable goods to be taxed at the point of utilization rather than production thus avoiding double taxation. We will teach you how to Refund under GST through our Course. It is urgent to make the process of refund much smoother under GST. A delay in refund would cause problem for the exporters in maintaining the working capital and cash flow.

GST Centre

GST Centre give you an opportunity to learn more about GST through our Online Courses. We are giving the best Training on GST in India. We are focusing,

  • All Business Owners doing business in India.
  • Self employed and small business owners.
  • Persons looking to start business in India.
Once GST is implemented, consumers will not be subjected to the load of double taxation, which indicate that all taxes will be charged at the times of purchase will include both the central government's taxes as well as the state government's taxes.

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